Turning Audition Failure into Success

The one and only way of turning failure into future success, is understanding where you went wrong- and it’s a lot simpler than you may have thought. The problem is, the audition panel watch loads of auditions. Loads. So, unsurprisingly, they can often spot an unsuccessful candidate from a mile off. If you’re auditioning for…

Audition Nerves: FEAR OF JUDGEMENT

Any situation in which you present yourself is going to be nerve-wracking. This is because people don’t like feeling judged. It all links to the idea of feeling ‘vulnerable’ at an audition. In order to clear your mind, don’t think of the panel ‘judging’ you, consider it more as them ‘assessing’ you. They’ll be looking…

Millennium Performing Arts Auditions

If you have a passion for dancing, singing and acting, studying for a musical theatre degree or diploma is the perfect route to take – and Millennium Performing Arts is arguably one of the best places in the UK to make this a reality. To find out more aboutMillennium Performing Arts , please click here….

Bird College Audition Tips

Thinking of auditioning for Bird College? Click here for all the tips you’ll ever need to be successful