Make a Year of Success

Where do you want to be next year? Who do you want to be? What’s stopping you from getting there? Right now is the time to answer each of these questions. A new year brings an abundance of opportunities, adventures and successes. Never limit yourself, you’ll achieve whatever you have the mindset to believe. Many…

All My Thoughts on Audition Failure

So this
blog sort of came out of nowhere. Was I planning on writing this blog? No. Have
I planned this blog out? Absolutely not. What you’re about to read is a literal
mind-spill.Now, my
main motivation behind creating Audition Quest was to try and not only help improve
other people’s audition experience, but also my own. Truthfully, I hate
auditions. Loathe them in fact. Now this is not because I’m a particularly
nervous person or because I don’t enjoy presenting myself, but is because I can’t
stand failure. Ever since a young age, I’ve been a self-professed perfectionist
and, unsurprisingly, failure is my idea of purgatory. Seriously.

Performers College Audition Tips

Key Points Students at Performers College can expect intense days, often beginning at 8am. If you are planning on auditioning, this is definitely something to keep in mind. Although the audition day is relatively full-on, Mimi (a recent Performers Grad) commented that Performers College tries to make the audition day comfortable and not overly stressful….

Bird College Audition Tips

Thinking of auditioning for Bird College? Click here for all the tips you’ll ever need to be successful

Middlesex University Dance Auditions

For today’s audition insight, I had the pleasure of talking to Emily, a first year BA (hons) Dance Degree student at Middlesex University. Middlesex offers a dynamic Dance Degree course, equipping its students with the vital skills they need in to carve out successful careers within the industry. To find out more about Middlesex’s dance…

Roehampton University Dance Auditions

Dubbed at the top university in the UK for Dance Research, it is little wonder that 92% of students find themselves in employment or further study six months after graduation. Roehampton offers a four year BFA Dance course, an acclaimed BA (hons) Dance course plus numerous MA courses. For more information, please click here. Welcomed…