Relevant or outdated- Are dancing conventions harming students?

By Mia Lyndon and Crystal Nicholls Crystal Nicholls is a professional dancer from Barbados who currently lives in London, UK. She is currently an ensemble dancer in Disney’s The Lion King and the founder of Crystal Nicholls Coaching . It seems that, as dancers, we just accept insecurity as a given. We see it something that…

MEPA Audition Advice

Based in Maidstone, MEPA Performing Arts excels as one of the UK’s top dance and musical theatre colleges. With a clear dedication towards providing a fulfilling and supportive environment for its students, MEPA has carved successful careers for a large number of its graduates. They offer diploma-level courses in dance, musical theatre and teacher training….

Are ‘Open Days’ Worth It?

Virtually every institute offering a performing arts course will also offer an open day. Now if you decide to go, you’ll have to invest in not only the audition, but you’ll also have to get yourself along to the open day as well. It gets better, too. Some of them you’ll have to pay for….


DO YOUR RESEARCH- Before your audition day, try to research the audition and find out as much as possible about it, so you won’t be surprised by anything on the day- you’ll know what to expect!. AUDITIONQUEST.CO.UK is a massive online bank of all the tips, advice and guidance you need for all major dance…

What Does A Musical Theatre Degree Audition Usually Involve?

DANCE This is usually a typical jazz technique and/or ballet class. Some schools also require you to prepare an dance solo (usually jazz), which you will perform individually. You’ll be told about this when you apply. SINGING You’ll have the chance to prepare a song (usually 32 bars long) in advance, which you will then…