Turning Audition Failure into Success

The one and only way of turning failure into future success, is understanding where you went wrong- and it’s a lot simpler than you may have thought. The problem is, the audition panel watch loads of auditions. Loads. So, unsurprisingly, they can often spot an unsuccessful candidate from a mile off. If you’re auditioning for…

All My Thoughts on Audition Failure

So this
blog sort of came out of nowhere. Was I planning on writing this blog? No. Have
I planned this blog out? Absolutely not. What you’re about to read is a literal
mind-spill.Now, my
main motivation behind creating Audition Quest was to try and not only help improve
other people’s audition experience, but also my own. Truthfully, I hate
auditions. Loathe them in fact. Now this is not because I’m a particularly
nervous person or because I don’t enjoy presenting myself, but is because I can’t
stand failure. Ever since a young age, I’ve been a self-professed perfectionist
and, unsurprisingly, failure is my idea of purgatory. Seriously.