Show Week Begins 29.01.19

Most people would feel ridiculous dragging a suitcase through college. However, that’s not how I felt today. Due to the contents of the case being purely show costumes, I couldn’t help but feel elated that show week had officially commenced. I was always aware that today would be intense, but not to the extent that it was. Today was the first ever dress rehearsal of the course’s annual Intermezzo production, held traditionally at the New Theatre Royal. However, today we had the pleasure of rehearsing in D Block’s spacious studio 1, equipped with an onsite dressing room. Piling into the dressing room, first years alongside the second years, we excitedly got changed into our first costumes. There was an array of different styles, colours and shapes- Chichester College has a wonderful costume cupboard, which is always utilised during show time. We ran through the whole production, stopping for a quick (and much needed) lunch break at midday. Today was utterly exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable and exciting- it’s building up to be an incredibly stimulating week.