Project Completed 13.02.19

Today we completely finished our rock challenge piece! We had the chance to rehearse in the Sports Hall, an extremely large space, allowing us to gauge exactly how big the stage (that we will be performing on) is. This meant that we could run over the whole performance with our props and scenery, allowing us to polish scene changes.

Moving scenery and props is totally down to us dancers, meaning we have even larger responsibilities during the performance. Some of the scene changes are complicated and extremely quick, so it took rather a long time to work out how we were going to do this, so we all had to ensure that we remained patient and quiet throughout.

We were given a generous lunch break (which was much needed, as we were all so exhausted), before continuing rehearsals until 3pm that afternoon. By the end of the day, we were able to run the whole performance from start to finish – and we all agreed that it’s beginning to look really good.