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Audition Quest has an ethos of collaboration, with the aim of widening our community. We offer a range of opportunities and services for writers, companies, students and institutes.


For Writers

If you would like to get your writing published on the Audition Quest Blog, please send an article pitch, including your biography to, with the subject: ‘Submission’.

Topics we are interested in:

-Audition advice and experiences

-Motivation and inspiration

-Class and show reviews 

-Insights into the professional training and performing world 

All successful article submissions will receive full credit for their articles and be promoted on both this website and on our social media channels.


For Businesses

Partnering and Advertising

Audition Quest has built a community of young people with a common interest in the performing arts, fitness, jobs and higher education. With thousands of visitors every calendar month, plus a large and quickly growing following on Instagram, Audition Quest is expanding exponentially.

We offer lots of opportunities for endorsement, advertisements and partnerships, all at an extremely competitive rate, starting at just £20 per month.


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For Institutions

Conservatoires, Musical Theatre Schools and Universities

Audition Quest’s main premise is creating specific help guides for certain auditions. Providing information of the audition day, advice, tips and guidance, Audition Quest aims to encourage young people to apply for your auditions. If you would like your auditions written about, please contact us to enquire.

Audition Quest always writes positively about auditions, aiming to eradicate apprehension and galvanise auditionees to apply.


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