It’s a Two-Show Day 01.02.19

Surprisingly, nobody seemed to be in a state of exhaustion today. Despite having danced in two shows the previous day, everyone seemed energy fuelled and elated for the day ahead. Today was a double show day – we had audiences watching us perform at both 1pm and 7:30pm.

After a company warmup onstage, we were sent back to our dressing rooms to prepare for the forthcoming show. The matinee performance was attended by a variety of different performing arts courses from Chi College – level 1 performing arts, level 2 dance and Theatre Inc. It was also the one performance that was being video recorded. This would be used as a reference for examiners and our lecturers to look at when deciding on what grade we would achieve from these performances.

The matinee show went really well, and we were able to have a long break before our next evening. Healthy eating and dancer’s-diets were completely thrown out of the window, as large group of us students flocked to McDonalds or equally as unhealthy junk food counterpart chains (sorry!).

We reapplied our makeup and organised our costumes before embarking on our final show. There was a real air of achievement and success for the last show- everyone seemed to ooze confidence and just enjoy dancing on stage for what it was.

After the curtain fell for the final time, the stage was left with the entire Intermezzo company dancing in accomplishment. It was a scene of utter joy and pride, it would have been impossible to dull the mood.