Intermezzo Show Commences 31.01.19

I barely slept last night. I was completely incapable of suppressing my excitement for today’s events. At 9:30am I was back at the New Theatre Royal, sat in my dressing room, surrounded by the rest of the first years. ‘We’re like a family here’ – considering that we’ve only know each other since September, everyone is unbelievably close.

Today’s tasks began with the dress rehearsal – the first time we’d ran any of the dances on the stage in full costume. The dress run was treated exactly like an actual show- there was no pausing or stopping for breaks. I don’t think I realised just how manic and adrenaline fueled the whole show is for us dancers from beginning to end. We would change into one costume, run down to the wings, perform, run back up to our dressing room, change into our next costume in under 2 minutes and then run back down to the stage again, ready to perform. Performing in Intermezzo isn’t like your typical dance show, whereby you’re in a few different dances and have chaperones helping you get dressed and telling you when to go down to the stage. As a Intermezzo company member, you’re in at least half of all the dances and it’s down to you to organise yourself and ensure that the show runs smoothly. It’s like being a professional.

This is especially the case for me. I have the opportunity to perform my own solo ‘Insurgency’ in the Intermezzo show this year- I was one of five girls from our course that was chosen. This meant that I have an even more manic time transitioning into costume. I have to exit early the dance straight before my solo and then change into my ‘Insurgency’ outfit by the time that dance finishes. I then dance my solo, following that I run off stage and the have 2 minutes to change into my next costume for the next dance that I’m in. It’s utterly exhausting and hectic but unbelievably exciting and enjoyable.

After the dress rehearsal we were given a short dinner break (whereby my friends and I raided Sainsburys for every single food item that looked as if it could give us energy). We then reapplied makeup, sprayed hairspray and put on our costumes, ready for the first ever Intermezzo show of 2019.