First Theatre Day 30.01.19

Today began with yet another bus trip, costume suitcase in tow. However, I wasn’t on route to Chichester College- I was making my way to the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. Being welcomed through the stage door and escorted to my dressing room (fully equipped with glow-up mirrors and vanity desks) resulted in me feeling thoroughly professional and even more elated for the week ahead.

Walking out onto an unfamiliar stage – the auditorium empty- and scanning the lights, the wings, curtains, stage floor, theatre seats, the sound desk; can do nothing but galvanise complete excitement. Today was a chance to not only gauge the surroundings for the following two days, but to ‘tech’ the whole show. This is a chance for the lecturers and technicians to decide upon lighting, staging and ques- all in the aim to create an even more impactful production.

As students, we were asked to run each of our dancers on the stage, stopping when asked to, in order to allow the technicians to experiment with lighting or examine sound levels. Today was completely exhausting but utterly exciting and enjoyable – show week just keeps on getting better.