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Learn to Smash Virtual Auditions

Terrified of online auditions? Learn how to succeed in every single virtual audition. From preparation to performance, camera angles to what to wear, discover all of the secrets to online audition success.

Performing Arts Personal Statements

If you’re applying for stage school, university or conservatoire, you’re going to need a perfect personal statement. Find out exactly how to write a personal statement to get into the course of your dreams in this success pack!








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  • How to prepare for an online/recorded audition
  • How to practise effectively
  • How to create a home dance studio
  • How to dress for an online/recorded audition
  • How to get rid of online audition nerves
  • Online audition lighting and camera hints and tips
  • How to perform and express yourself in an online audition


  • How to plan
  • Idea Inspiration
  • How to structure
  • Personal statement examples
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Word bank
  • Extra Hints and Tips

Our personal statement guide covers everything you need to know about creating an amazing dance/performing arts personal statement.

Get into the performing arts course of your dreams, by following this e-book’s personal statement advice.

This clear and concise 12-page e-book covers absolutely everything you need to know, from collecting ideas and structuring your statement to the finishing touches. Super easy to read, you’ll be supported through the whole process, getting you writing an amazing personal statement in next to no time.