A Day of Classes 15.02.19

Despite all the excitement of Rock Challenge, today us first years had a typical day of classes. We haven’t had a day of usual classes for rather a long time, due to our Intermezzo show and the lead up to Rock Challenge. We began our day with what would usually be our dance appreciation class, whereby we study choreographers (such as Hofesh Shechter) and recreate and write about their work. It’s normally a physical lesson with lots of creative tasks, but today we spent the lesson sorting out and trying on our costumes for Rock Challenge, which the costume cupboard has supplied us with. 

Later, I had a Developing Movement Skills class with Emmy, which is usually a contemporary-based class, which pushes us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to explore new ways of moving. However, today we had a written task – we had to evaluate our show piece. Following this class, we had contemporary technique with Emily, who taught us different required movement routines for our upcoming contemporary technique assessment (details on this to follow). Overall it was a tiring but incredibly enjoyable day, now we have a week-long break for half term!