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Chantry School Auditions

Audition Quest spoke to Rae Piper, principal of The Chantry School- which offers a fantastic Associate Programme, as well as a Youth Dance Company. What will auditionees be asked to do in your auditions this year? Digital Auditions: Auditionees initially submit an application form and photographs. After this, auditionees are sent a list of exercises…

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Relevant or outdated- Are dancing conventions harming students?

By Mia Lyndon and Crystal Nicholls Crystal Nicholls is a professional dancer from Barbados who currently lives in London, UK. She is currently an ensemble dancer in Disney’s The Lion King and the founder of Crystal Nicholls Coaching . It seems that, as dancers, we just accept insecurity as a given. We see it something that…

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A Word to Everyone

By Mia Lyndon There’s something bizarre about achieving our very own aspirations. There’s something impermissible, something prohibited, about reaching the goals that we’ve always set out to achieve. We spend days gazing out into the stars, into the skies, with our aspirations knitted tightly around our hearts- wishing that one day our dreams might simply…

If Nothing Else, Move Forward

By Mia Lyndon Bad things don’t happen just once. When we are burnt by negativity and left scarred after our last misfortune, often, it happens again. And again. Failure seems to come in waves and bouts- once we trip and fall, we often find ourselves pushed into the midst of prolonged suffering. We cruise through…

Blinded by the Stage Lights

A delve into the realms and realisms of professional dancing, exploring just how many dancers actually ‘make it’ and why you shouldn’t get fixated on just having an onstage career.

Dancers, Take Charge of Your Worth, Now.

By Mia Lyndon Isn’t it fascinating how we pin our own worth onto something else? We hang our esteem, our value of who we are, on something that isn’t actually us. Every one of us needs, yearns, screams for validation that we are ‘enough’- a sweet title that can never be gifted to ourselves. We…

From Moulin to Mentoring: An Interview with Raquel Alder

By Mia Lyndon Raquel Alder, Professional Dancer from Australia, has been performing within the industry for 9 years. She recently finished a contract with the famous Moulin Rouge, among performing in an array of dance contracts and productions world-wide. With extensive experience on stage, Raquel continues to fulfil a satisfying career in dance performance and…

London Contemporary Dance School Audition Tips

Based at The Place, central London, London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) is considered as one of the top contemporary schools in the world. Offering a three year degree course, LCDS is the perfect place to kick-start your contemporary dance career. Find out more about the school HERE Audition Quest spoke to Ellie, a LCDS first-year…

The Dance Captain Opportunity: Eight Points to Promotion

By Raquel AlderProfessional Dancer and Pro Performer Founder Learn how to maximise your chances of becoming a Dance Captain, with Moulin Rouge Star, Raquel Alder The privilege and responsibility of the Dance Captain role is lusted over by many dancers in the industry. But few dancers are actually offered the opportunity of becoming a Dance…


By Mia Lyndon Waiting lists can be a tricky business. They’re the middle man between rejection and ultimate success- often leaving us without quite knowing where we stand. As dancers and performers, many of us like to know what’s going on- we like to understand and plan ahead. But waiting lists can leave us without…

Dancing in an Isolated World: The José Limón Foundation’s Innovative Response to a Global Pandemic

By Mia Lyndon ( The dance scene, that we were once so familiar with, has been restricted, shut down and cancelled. Yet the dance industry is adapting and evolving at an exponential rate- quickly pathing new ways of surviving in this pandemic. The José Limón Dance Foundation, a company forged upon decades of influence, is…

Creativity, Contemporary and Camera Angles: Inside Northern Rascal’s Virtual Intensive

By Mia Lyndon, of ( Just a few months ago, young dancers up and down the country, were in the midst of their dance training and optimistic for the year ahead. However when the Covid-19 outbreak reached our shores, dance schools, universities and colleges closed down indefinitely, leaving students without training and without hope….


Come along to a workshop & learn how to create the perfect application, to be successful in every audition THE NEXT SESSIONS IS TBC… Please enter your details below if you’d like to be the first to know about the next dates! Tags: dance personal statement for universitydance personal statement templatedance school personal statement examplesdance…

How Are Auditions Changing?

By Mia Lyndon (of Studio doors have been locked and bolted down, leaving face-to-face auditions cancelled without reschedule. The dance scene has been pushed far further than its melting point, yet it’s bouncing back, quickly adapting to our newly-established electric society. With schools and companies eager for income and activity, auditions are still cropping…


Built upon the legacy of Alvin Ailey, the Ailey School lives up to the calibre of its founder. Offering a dedicated provision of world-class, rigorous training, the Ailey School is amongst one of the best contemporary training providers in the world. Click here to discover more. Audition Quest had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lily,…

How to Practise Audition Technique (at home!)

We may be stuck inside and we may have had all of our upcoming auditions cancelled, but this certainly isn’t permanent. Before we know it, the audition season will be back with a bang- so ensure you’re ready for it. Despite our lack of actually having a proper studio to practise in, there are a…

How to Be More Productive than Ever: Keeping Busy in an Isolated World

We’ve had our schedules stripped back and our plans ripped in two- being a dancer in 2020 certainly does not look too promising. As dancers, we excel because we are naturally productive, motivated and committed- we get a kick out of achievement and constantly try to seek out new opportunities. So, being in a situation…

How to Film a Video Audition with Literally no Space

Covid-19 has shaken up the audition world, meaning that almost all auditions are being sent in via video tapes now. Finding it tough to dance around your living room? Follow our tips on how to maximise space and work with what you’ve got. 1. SUSS OUT YOUR HOUSE Pretend that your house has no furniture…

How to be a Kinder Dancer: Staying ‘Nice’ in a Competitive World

By Mia Lyndon (of It’s bizarre how dance, which often begins so purely and innocently in our youngest years, can grow to become so cut-throat. Enrolling in junior dance classes- with the only intent to enjoy ourselves- is gradually moulded into a world of competitiveness and hierarchy. Yet for most, we dance only because…

How to e-Network as a Dancer

By Mia Lyndon (of From the moment you pledged that you wanted a career in performing arts, you’ve probably had the exact same mantra drilled into you: ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. I hate to say it, but this is simply true. Trying to forge a career that balances purely…

How to Find Auditions Online (During the Covid-19 Crisis)

Finding dance or performing arts auditions can be super hard, especially when in lockdown due to Covid-19. However, this should never stop you from finding opportunities. Discover where to find, search and compare dance & performing arts opportunities, jobs and auditions, without leaving the house! 1.Star Now ( Loads of auditions for both students and…

To Stay or Play? Differentiating Set-Backs and Shut-Downs

By Mia Lyndon (of To achieve anything, you must first be tested. You must prove that you are committed to what you say you want. Regardless of what you desire, or the lengths you say you’ll go to achieve this, you will be torn down, frequently. It’s all about whether you decide to stand…

Oklahoma City University (Ann Lacy) Dance Audition Advice

By Mia Lyndon (of As part of Oklahoma City University, the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment is one of the USA’s premier dance training providers. Offering a variety of performance opportunities alongside world-class training, The Ann Lacey School at Oklahoma City University is the perfect place to start your dancing career….

It’s a Condition, Not a Competition

Dance breeds natural competition- from every angle. With injury included in this un-attainable rivalry, it’s time t was dealt with the weight that it deserves.


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