Chantry School Auditions

Audition Quest spoke to Rae Piper, principal of The Chantry School- which offers a fantastic Associate Programme, as well as a Youth Dance Company.

Application information:

All applicants should email:
Details of programmes can be found at:

Applications for auditions are accepted throughout the year and audition dates are offered regularly.

What will auditionees be asked to do in your auditions this year?

Digital Auditions: Auditionees initially submit an application form and photographs.

After this, auditionees are sent a list of exercises and are asked to submit a video in which they demonstrate these, as well as a relevant piece of choreography/routine. This is to enable us to assess their current level of experience and whether we are able to offer a place.

Following this, if we are able to offer a place, we then ask them to take part in a trial online class to further assess their placement within our programme levels, and also to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident with the programmes we offer.

In-person studio Auditions: Auditionees initially submit an application form and photographs.

Following this, they are invited to take part in one of our current sessions in which the teacher
assesses their experience level and aptitude for our programmes, and considers their placement
within our programme levels. Taking part in an actual session with us gives the student a chance to
experience exactly what the programmes are like, and allows us to assess which programme might
be the best fit for them.

What’s great about your auditions happening online?
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It enables students to still be considered for our programmes even while we are learning remotely.
We have limited number of spaces on our programmes due to caps imposed by COVID restrictions,
and by taking a digital audition, students are able to maximise their chance of gaining a place rather
as we offer places immediately following auditions.

What is your advice for applicants who are worried about auditioning virtually?

We would advise applicants that our assessment team is very much ‘on your side’. We are very
supportive of every student who auditions. Often students worry that they can’t show themselves at their best when dancing at home, but our assessors take into account mitigating factors such as
potentially not having a large space to dance in, not having an ideal floor etc and do not count these
factors against the student as we are aware that they will impact their dancing. So we would advise
students to not feel afraid of virtual auditions.

How can auditionees increase their chances of being successful?

By showing their performance quality even though they are dancing in a non-traditional dance space and by focusing on executing the things they can do well to the best of their ability. Most
importantly we look to see if a student is willing to commit fully to their dancing.

What shouldn’t an auditionee do during a virtual audition?

We would ask students not to become distracted by anything and to work as if they are dancing to a
live audience.

How can an auditionee best prepare for your virtual auditions?

By ensuring that they a fit and healthy and have been doing their conditioning and strengthening
work. Also by working on the audition material before they send it and asking their dance teacher
for help if they need it.

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