A Word to Everyone

By Mia Lyndon

There’s something bizarre about achieving our very own aspirations. There’s something impermissible, something prohibited, about reaching the goals that we’ve always set out to achieve. We spend days gazing out into the stars, into the skies, with our aspirations knitted tightly around our hearts- wishing that one day our dreams might simply just all arrive. We allow our aspirations to determine precisely the direction in which we turn, impulsively crawling after the things we want the most. Everyday is spent locked up in our own minds, fantasising about where we could be tomorrow.

We talk and daze and yearn and cry about where we want to be- who we want to be- never where we are now. Our lives are not spent living, they are spent dreaming- we poison our thoughts by thinking of virtues that may never come. We live in worlds where we always want more, so we never really live.

What was the thing that you wanted most 5 years ago?

If, in some way, you haven’t achieved that aspiration, to some degree, you are lying. We carve out our own paths and follow our own directions, we face tribulation and error, yet we always move closer to where we want to be.

Our minds are so skilled in mapping out the future and conjuring up assumptions for the days ahead though, that we often remain there. We fail, continuously, to consider ourselves as successes, as our minds remain transfixed on our next pursuit. Our lives are spent so extensively in jumping from goal to goal, dream to dream , that we never stop and reflect. Therefore, we never achieve anything.

And the thing is, you will never be a success.

You will never arrive at a place in your life where you’ll say ‘I am successful’.

Why? Because your idea of success in malleable.

You formulate one goal, you chase after it, you achieve it. But in the time it’s taken you to get there, you’ll have moved on, you’ll have carved yourself a new path and a new validation of success, rendering your previous goal as insufficient. This is why we never deem ourselves as successful. What you dreamt of yesterday is already invalid. Aspirations have expiry dates.

But you can’t live like that. In fact, you can’t truly be ‘alive’ at all if all you do is dream of tomorrow.

Surely, ‘living’ is about growing, moving, dancing your way through both the good and bad, with a smile still firmly pinned across your face. Success is about facing adversity after adversity, yet still having the ability to say ‘what a wonderful time I’m having‘.

How dare you look forward to the future.

How dare you assume that you’ll ever live to see your ‘future’. Every single decision that you make now should not ever be poisoned by your expectations of what’s yet to come. Simply, you may never reach the time ahead of now, so do not allow what is up ahead to influence how you feel within this very moment.

Now let’s define reality. Seen as purgatory by many, reality is, in fact, far more wonderful than you’ll ever believe.

Reality is a better version of our greatest dreams.

Reality takes influence of what we want the most and provides a happy-medium of what is best and what is right for you. Where you are right now is, in fact, the pedigree version of where you wish you were- because it’s a real version of what you want. The things that you wish for, you’d hate in reality- that’s why they haven’t worked out for you. Reality, gives us exactly what is meant for us, allowing our dreams to partially become real.

Yet the one notion that will change your life is this: bad situations do not exist. Hardship, bad luck and failure all do not exist.

Unless you allow them to.

Everything that is happening in your life- everything- is occurring for a reason. You are not in control of what barriers you face or the borders in which you may have to climb. But the one thing that you have full power of, the one thing that you can utilise, hone and command is your happiness.

That is your success.

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