Whether you plan on applying for musical theatre colleges, dance universities or performing arts centres, you’ll need a personal statement. Holding the ability to make or break a successful application, personal statements get you seen, before you even step into the audition room. In an industry where multi-skilled performers are desired more highly than ever, crafting the perfect personal statement can land you a spot on the course of your greatest ambitions.

The trouble is, personal statements involve a whole lot of freedom: you have 500 words to write about yourself. That’s it.

With folders full of certificates, shelves full of trophies and necks hung with medals, dancers and performers often struggle to describe themselves within 500 words- often, its simply impossible to know where to start (and finish).

As the year escalates into the summer holidays, applications and UCAS deadlines are now visible within the horizon, meaning personal statements are due soon. In a time when we are locked inside our homes and glued to our computer screens, now is the perfect time to get your applications and personal statements ready and rearing to go.

But, before you even consider commencing, firstly consult ‘How to Write the Perfect Performing Arts Personal Statement’ by Mia Lyndon. This e-book is a fantastically easy-to-read detailed guide, including everything you will need to write the perfect statement.

Covering how to plan, research, structure and write your statement, the e-book carefully soars your through the process, making any personal statement easy to create. Including a bundle of advice, examples and specialist tips, ‘How to Write the Perfect Performing Arts Personal Statement’ encourages even the most apprehensive of writers to create the statement of their dreams.

Packed into a punchy array of 15 colourful pages, ‘How to Write the Perfect Performing Arts Personal Statement’ is the easy-to-follow guide that gives your statement buckets-full of potential. Whether you’re confused about where to begin, how to end, or anything in between, the e-book breaks down and inspires every sentence of your personal statement, making it impossible for you to be left scratching your head.

If you’re on a mission to land a spot on the course of your dreams, and want to impress the panel before you even attend the audition, look no further than ‘How to Write the Perfect Performing Arts Personal Statement’.

At just £2.99, and with the potential to transform your life and reach your goals, it’s a no-brainer, really.

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