How to Practise Audition Technique (at home!)

We may be stuck inside and we may have had all of our upcoming auditions cancelled, but this certainly isn’t permanent. Before we know it, the audition season will be back with a bang- so ensure you’re ready for it.

Despite our lack of actually having a proper studio to practise in, there are a magnitude of ways you can practise winning an audition in your very own home.


It’s certainly possible to appear confident when you don’t actually feel confident. Body language can tell an audition panel almost everything- the more relaxed and assured you seem, the more confident you will appear. Any audition panel is going to want to select candidates who are secure in their own abilities and ready to show themselves off.

Have a practise walking confidently into an audition room. Focus on setting your shoulders back and moving at a steady pace with your head held high. Walk naturally, but try to inject a little energy into the way you move.

Then, practise introducing yourself. You may have perfected your ‘audition walk’, but now ensure that you don’t slip up when actually speaking to the audition panel. Practise speaking clearly and slowly, ensuring that your voice moves up and down in a natural manner. Remember that it is okay to make errors (you may be a performer, but you are still a human), so focus upon resolving and moving on from mistakes.


As performers, we are both creative and emotionally intelligent- we understand emotions and are pretty good and replicating them, too. The trouble is, a vast number of performers struggle to showcase their emotion during singing, acting or dancing- especially in a room full of strangers or peers. Trying to convey a character can be exposing- for many, it is well outside of our comfort zone.

However, now is the perfect time to get this fixed. If fearing other people was holding you back before, there are now absolutely no excuses. Relish in executing emotion until your heart is utterly content, with absolutely no worries about who is watching (because no one actually is).

If you’re partaking in any online classes, have a practise of implementing emotion into taught choreography or lyrics. If needed, turn your camera off and have a play around with what feels emotionally comfortable. Then, record yourself.

Without cringing (I know, it’s tough), watch yourself back and assess whether your emotions and character qualities are shining through correctly. Adding emotion is sadly just a case of trial and error- it’s personal and should be crafted around you.


Naturally, auditions are hugely stressful. Digging around in a nervous panic, the night before an audition, looking for anything to wear, can only triple the intensity of your nerves. However, unlike pretty much everything else in this industry, sorting out an audition outfit is something that can be easily perfected.

Now is the time to get ordering, get selecting and get constructing- the perfect audition attire awaits. Remember that any audition outfit must abide to these rules:

-Shows off your lines (tight/slim-fit with no unnecessary layers)

-Stand-out colour, without being too over-the-top (reds, oranges and yellows are best for grabbing attention)

-Light and cool (because nobody enjoys sweating)

You can find out loads about picking an outfit that will psychologically get you noticed by an audition panel. Click here to check it out.


Time and time again, I hear that same audition dilemma: ‘How do I get better at picking up the steps quicker?’.

There is one and only way to achieve this: Practise (loads).

The more you expose yourself to unfamiliar choreography, the better you will get at retaining it. By throwing yourself into unfamiliar choreography with an unfamiliar choreographer, will allow you to develop your own methods of remembering steps. We get so used to working with the same teachers all the time, that we can almost predict the material they are going to set for us. By working with someone new, you’re launching yourself right out of your comfort zone- much replicating an audition.

Now is the perfect time to get started on this. There is an abundance of online classes floating around the web right now, so why not check them out? Take a look at the schools, colleges or companies that you may want to audition for in the future, and see if any of their faculty are delivery online lessons. This is a brilliant way of learning how to retain choreography quickly, as well as giving you a massive head start for that particular audition.


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