How to Film a Video Audition with Literally no Space

Covid-19 has shaken up the audition world, meaning that almost all auditions are being sent in via video tapes now.

Finding it tough to dance around your living room? Follow our tips on how to maximise space and work with what you’ve got.


Pretend that your house has no furniture in it- now which room is the biggest? Out of these rooms, which has the best floor (laminate floor or floorboards work best)? Which room has the best lighting (natural lighting is fab)? Which room has the best acoustics (shout loudly and listen out for an echo)? Consider your garden too!


Now that you’ve decided which room is best, think about how you’re going to move any furniture. Some things you won’t be able to move and that’s fine (casting directors/audition panels aren’t going to worry about this!), but make sure that you have enough space to fully extend all your movements


Perhaps your audition solo used to feature 10 consecutive barrel turns- but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to include this now… Work with the space you’ve got and act accordingly. Remember that problem-solving and being adaptive is a skill which can impress an audition panel.


Perhaps you’ve been given a specific video to copy for your audition video. So what do you do if you absolutely cannot fit in all the movement that they’re asking you to do?

This is simple: adapt it. No audition panel or casting director is going to scrutinise you for doing this.
Have a think about the qualities of the movement you can’t fit in- why has the audition panel asked you to do this? Is it to show off strength, flexibility, momentum or expression? Work this out and then change it for a similar-quality movement (that doesn’t screw up the rest of the routine!).


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