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I had the pleasure of chatting to Andrew, a current student, about his audition experience at Tisch.

What did the audition day involve?

I went to the audition in LA, which was held at UCLA. We arrived and handed in our artistic resume and photo, then we were given a number.

After that, we warmed up and got assigned spots at the ballet barre. It was a pretty standard ballet class in terms of the order in which it went, except it didn’t have any petite allegro.

Following that, we did a contemporary class which involved a couple warm up combinations and then a pretty long phrase, which we repeated on the right and left.

We then had to wait whilst the panel discussed and then made cuts. If you made it past the cuts, you would then perform a solo and then complete an interview with one of the teachers.

What was the atmosphere like- did you feel relaxed and welcomed?

It definitely felt like a very professional atmosphere. Tisch were super nice and welcoming- I was initially very nervous, but they made me feel super welcomed and comfortable. The college is full of such incredible teachers, so I learned a lot even just from the audition- they made it feel like a master class.

How difficult did you find the audition?

It was an open-audition, meaning there was a broad range of skills and abilities.

The ballet was hard for me, but it all depends on who’s leading your audition, as I’ve heard that other peoples’ auditions weren’t as hard.

The contemporary wasn’t too difficult, but the teacher did teach quite fast.

How many other dancers did you audition with?

I think there was roughly 70 other auditionees at my audition. It was a pretty small location and around 40 of us got accepted.

What would suggest you should wear to the audition?

I would suggest a leotard and tights for girls and for guys, a tight fitting t-shirt and tights. Just ensure that you look clean and put together.

What information were you given about funding?

We were told that funding was similar to most schools: at the audition, you have the opportunity for a talent-based bursary, but funding is mostly determined by your FASFA (Federal Student Aid).

What should you take along to the audition day?

You need an artistic resume, an artistic photo, ballet shoes and music for your dance solo. I would bring a ball to roll out your feet or whatever tools you need to get warm, plus snacks with carbs+protein and water or a drink with electrolytes, so that you’re at your best !

Any other advice that you would give future auditionees?

I thought of my audition as a master classes, to help keep my nerves down! Always keep in mind that you’re auditioning the school just as much as they’re auditioning you. You will get a good feel for the atmosphere of the program through the audition and by using this mindset it helps you feel less nervous.

Lastly, don’t freak out if you get corrected, it happened to me in every audition and I would get so stressed, but that’s a good thing- they’re watching you, so just make sure you apply any corrections that you receive. Try and apply the corrections other auditionees are receiving too- Tisch are not just looking for good dancers, they’re looking for good students as well.

A massive thank you goes to Andrew, for being such a wonderful contributor for this blog. Audition Quest wishes Andrew the best of luck with his continued training at NYC Tisch School. To visit Andrew’s Instagram page, please click here.

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