Tiffany Theatre College Audition Tips

Based in Essex, Tiffany Theatre College offers world-renowned professional dance and musical theatre training. Allowing you to specialise in either commercial dance or musical theatre, they develop highly successful graduates, 90% of which go onto employment within the industry upon graduation.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Eleanor, a current Tiffany student, about her experiences of the Tiffany audition process.

What did the audition day involve?

The day involved a welcome chat followed by a ballet and a jazz class. I then performed my pre-prepared solo song, solo monologue and a solo dance with an interview to finish.

What was the atmosphere like- did you feel relaxed and welcomed?

Straight away I felt at ease, everyone was so kind and I really got that family feel, especially with it being such a small exclusive college. Of course I was nervous because I cared and I wanted to be successful, but my nerves certainly settled down as the day went by. I had the chance to chat to other auditionees, as well as a selection of current students- all of who were lovely.

How difficult did you find the audition?

The audition was a good standard- it challenged me, but was definitely still manageable. The ballet was a similar level to what I have completed before (roughly a grade 5 standard), whereas I found the jazz class a little more difficult. The whole audition was extremely enjoyable from start to finish- the level of competition was high, but I had so much fun.

How many other auditionees did you audition with?

I auditioned alongside roughly 20 other applicants.

What would you suggest you should wear to the audition?

For the ballet, I would recommend that you keep it classical: black leotard, pink tights, neat low bun that won’t come undone and an option of wearing a skirt. For jazz, a brightly coloured leotard with black footless tights, plus you could wear foot thongs, too. For your solos, wear something that represents your theme and shows off who you are as an individual.

What do you need to take along to the audition?

Extra clothes, make-up for any touch-ups, loads of food and plenty of water, sheet-music and the soundtrack for your solo dance.

Any other advice that you would give future auditionees?

Relax and be yourself: Tiffany are looking for potential, not the finished product. They are seeing if you are workable and talented, so don’t worry if you mess up- it’s how you deal with it that really counts.

A massive thank you goes to Eleanor, for being such a wonderful contributor for this blog. Audition Quest wishes Eleanor the best of luck with her continued training at Tiffany.

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