Specialising in both contemporary and ballet styles, Rambert School is one of the most prestigious dance conservatoires in the country. Based in London, they offer world-class training in a fantastic location, often leading to professional dance employment. To find out more, please click here.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellie, who has recently auditioned at Rambert School, about her experiences of the Rambert audition process.

What did the audition day involve?

The day began with a short talk with the principal, where we found out information about the school and what to expect from their training.

My physical audition started at 2:30PM – it consisted of:

  • Ballet class
  • Pointe session
  • Contemporary class
  • Short creative exercise.

Auditionees were then asked to either perform a pre-prepared solo or have a physical assessment- I was asked to perform my solo along with two other girls selected.

What was the atmosphere like- did you feel relaxed and welcomed?

Rambert has such an impressive reputation, so I naturally felt some nerves. However, the school was extremely welcoming and friendly- everyone just wanted to do their best

How difficult did you find the day?

For me, the ballet was the toughest class at Rambert compared to all other auditions- the pace at which the class was taught was fast, but I still really enjoyed it.

The contemporary class went at a slighty slower pace compared to ballet- most of the auditionees seemed to be more versed in ballet rather than in the contemporary genre.

The level of competition was high- everyone has an obvious talent, which was wonderfully inspiring to see.

How many other dancers did you audition with?

There was only 14 of us in the audition, so I definitely felt that I could be ‘seen’ by the panel at all times. There was no room for hiding at all, you were fully visible whilst learning and performing material- which was great.

What would you suggest you should wear to the audition?

Whatever you decide to wear, just ensure that you feel comfortable and confident. Nothing is worse than having to keep adjusting your outfit and not feeling your best. You have to feel the most confident you can possibly feel.

For auditions, I used to worry about what the school wanted me to look like, but I now think it’s important to wear whatever shows off who you are. Of course you have to look presentable, but in contemporary auditions, its more about the quality of your dancing.

What information were you given?

We had a short talk that included some information about housing and general student information. Rambert did say that they would provide more information about the school, in the event that you were invited back for a recall.

What were you asked to prepare before the audition day?

Everyone was asked to prepare a 1-minute-long solo, but this didn’t necessarily mean that you would be asked to perform it on the day, as they only ask to see a select few. I used the same solo that I had performed at other auditions for different schools.

Any other advice that you would give future auditionees?

My top piece of advice is to really just go in there and show them who you are and what you can do. There’s no point letting yourself stress about little mistakes, as this happens to absolutely everyone.

You have to just stay focused and really listen to who’s teaching you. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and to think ‘why?’ when receiving a no. It’s easy to think ‘I just wasn’t talented enough’ but there are so many reason and it might just be you are not right for them but will excel and fully grow in another school.

It’s hard but you just can’t take rejection personally, you have to keep yourself going and build that resilience. It’s so easy to get inside your own head and feel self doubt after experiencing rejection but I firmly believe EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! So you’ve just got to trust that process. (Note from the editor: YESSS Ellie 🙂 )

A massive thank you goes to Ellie, for being such a wonderful contributor for this blog. Audition Quest wishes Ellie the best of luck with her training beginning at London Contemporary Dance School in September. To visit Ellie’s Instagram page, please click here.

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