The Perfect Audition Accessory? FLEUR BUNWRAPS

With audition season still in full swing, it’s important to get yourself noticed- regardless of whether you have to audition via video or in person.

Numerous audition directors, choreographers and college principals have told of the importance of standing out- if you grab the attention, you will be remembered. Some dancers will attend auditions decked head-to-toe in a kaleidoscope of pungent colours, desperate to stand-out. But, this can do more harm than good- it creates a cause of distraction for the panel and your fellow auditionees.

What if there was a better way of standing out?

You want to look professional, you want to look effortless- but you want to be unique. Adding a subtle accessory, that grabs attention and gets you remembered, ticks all the boxes. Plus, you won’t put the panel off their lunch with your choice of luminous yellow crop top (trust me, I’ve seen it).

Luckily, there is the perfect accessory solution out there…


Hand-made, customisable and utterly beautiful, Fleur Bunwraps cost just £4.20 with free UK delivery. These wraps will sit beautifully around a ballet bun and are adorned with delicate flowers, crystals and your choice of ribbon.

This bunwrap was created exclusively for Audition Quest- featuring red and write flowers, faux crystals and an elegant white ribbon.

I was able to select exactly what I wanted on the wrap- including the flower breed and colour, ribbon colour and I was also given a choice of crystals.

We chose red flowers as this colour is psychologically considered to be the best for standing out and grabbing attention at an audition (for more info about this please click here).

I was blown away with how intricate, yet durable the bun wrap is- it would certainly last a whole audition season.

By wearing one of Fleur’s Bunwraps, you will make yourself instantly distinguishable to any audition panel. These beautiful wraps will elegantly compliment your hairstyle, making you look wonderfully professional and tidy. Without compromising on your overall outfit choice, they add detail to your audition-look, ultimately meaning that the panel will remember you.

Fleur Bunwraps put a clear amount of love and dedication into all of their wraps- each one is made with the utmost quality and care. From start to finish, their customer service was wonderful. No request was too big or small and they were happy to make necessary adjustments to make the best possible product.

Head over to @fleur.bunwraps on Instagram to check out more of their products and to place an order.

A massive thank you goes to Fleur Bunwraps for designing and sending Audition Quest a bunwrap to review.

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