Are ‘Open Days’ Worth It?

Virtually every institute offering a performing arts course will also offer an open day. Now if you decide to go, you’ll have to invest in not only the audition, but you’ll also have to get yourself along to the open day as well.

It gets better, too.

Some of them you’ll have to pay for. Plus transport, plus you’ll have to organise it, plus you’ll have to buy lunch and drag at least one of your family members along with you.

So should you go?

Oh yes.

Despite all of my false-negativity above, attending a course’s open day is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make- it really can mean the difference between being successful or not.

If that’s something that you’re interested in (which I should hope you are), then read on auditionee…


Using websites to gain an understanding of an institute is great, but they can’t fully enlighten you into what a course is actually going to be like. On open days, institutes throw open their doors, giving you an insight into whether or not the course is suitable for you.

You’ll get the opportunity to chat to lecturers, students and staff members, whilst also gauging the building and facilities.

Some open day providers even showcase student classes, enabling you to asses the quality and subtleties of training.

You’ll usually be able to pick up a certain ‘vibe’ as soon as you enter. Try to work out whether the institute is a place where you’ll feel comfortable and inspired or not.


It’s been psychologically proven that if you’re familiar with the space that you’re auditioning in, you’ll feel much more relaxed. This is due to the fear of the unknown. The more familiar a space is, the more comfortable you’ll feel inside it.

You’ll also be able to imagine yourself auditioning in the room before the actual day. Imagine yourself kicking ass and you’ll begin to believe it- ultimately increasing positivity and confidence.


Obviously, you want to choose a course best for you- not because your best friend is also applying. But, it’s also super important to ensure that you’ll be happy and welcomed there. At an open day, try to clock what the other applicants are like. Are they friendly? Might they share common interests with you? Are you going to be happy surrounded by them? Remember, the people attending the open day are the types of people that the course attracts- just make sure that you’ll be happy.


For most, going to stage school or university means moving away. In some cases, this may be a mere few hours, or in others, a day’s-worth of travelling.

Remember- you’re going to have to travel to and from the course every time you decide you want to come home. Are you going to be happy living that far away from home? How easy and expensive is it to travel there? Attending an open day is a perfect way to check this out, before you commit to auditioning.

So there you have it, are open days worth it?

Yep, I still think they are.

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