’50 TIPS : AUDITION SUCCESS’- Audition Advice From a Pro

For performers of stage and screen, auditions hold paramount importance. With so much riding on the line of just a single audition, you’ve got to get it right. Every time.

It’s often considered impossible to fully understand what an audition panel is looking for, or the ‘rules’ that you must follow to gain ultimate success.

Graeme Pickering’s infectiously-inspirational, ‘50 TIPS : AUDITION SUCCESS‘, is your opportunity to do just that. As a casting consultant and choreographer, Pickering’s latest publication allows you to delve into the industry’s greatest audition tips and advice.

Guiding you through every element of an audition process, ’50 TIPS: AUDITION SUCCESS’ is the perfect companion to performers of all ages and genres. Proving highly relatable for anyone engaging in the creative field, Pickering crafts his writing in a whimsical, yet clear manner.

The book focuses around preparing both mentally and physically, to optimise your chances of success. You’ll learn about how to research and fully understand an audition opportunity, to maximise your ability to perform on top of your game.

Covering the topics such as headshots, cover letters, CVs, show reels and video auditions, ’50 TIPS: AUDITION SUCCESS’ is packed with expert information, that is usually considered difficult to get hold of. Pickering speaks from experience- deepening your understanding of the inner-workings of a casting director’s mind.

Pickering understands, first-hand, the demands of the industry and clearly expresses his dedication towards helping others. His book is simply soaked in motivation and inspirational power, teaching the importance of persevering and the benefits of doing so.

’50 TIPS: AUDITION SUCCESS’ dissects the tricky business of auditioning, offering expertly written professional advice. If you’re planning on auditioning for anything anytime soon, this is your key to success.


With thanks to Graeme for sending me a copy of the book to review.

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