‘Acting is Acting’- Lovenna Kureemun: Kick Start Your Acting Audition Success

Calling all actors, dramatic enthusiasts and performers, here is your secret weapon to reaching indisputable audition success.

‘Acting is Acting’ is the innovative new publication from Lovenna Kureemun, providing actors with an abundance of information, advice and tips to heighten audition success. Concise and informative, this read is crafted around developing your skills in a clear, yet sequential manner. Kureemun guides you along a path of information absorption, seamlessly teaching the psychology and dynamics behind unlocking full audition potential.

Focusing around understanding human characteristics and the way in which they can be harnessed for performing, ‘Acting is Acting’ offers audition assistance from start to finish. The 164 page read begins with understanding the vulnerability of the body and how this can be manipulated to express one’s self and other characters. You’ll learn about ‘freeing obstacles’ and conditioning the mind, body and soul- ultimately boosting audition confidence and artistry. Kureemun even supplies certain breathing exercises that actors can get stuck into, in order to maximise concentration and resolve bodily tension.

‘Acting is Acting’ also supplies a wonderful insight into the ergonomics of brilliant acting, suggesting ways to technically develop your script work and scene analysis. Chapters are carefully structured, providing clear information that’s relevant and accessible to actors of all fields and ages.

You’re guided through the rehearsal process as a whole, offering a generous amount of advice- optimising your development at this crucial time of practise.

Finally, Kureemun offers dedicated assistance for feeling good and performing excellently on the big day. Speaking directly from the heart, Kureem’s advice is raw and passionate, acknowledging the stresses that can coincide with performing and auditioning.

From beginning to end, ‘Acting is Acting’ is an insightful and intelligent read, tapping into the logistics behind performing to the very best of one’s ability. If you’re an actor or performer with the intent to audition or perform, this is a pivotal side-kick to jump start your future success.


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