Ballet in Auditions…

It seems that, above anything else, the ballet portion of any dance audition often seems to scare dancers the most. This is something I can relate to entirely- despite having stood beside the ballet barre since age three, ballet in auditions still seems to terrify me.

Ironically, the actual ballet material in a dance audition can be fairly simple compared to the rest of the audition. Unlike contemporary or jazz, where you could be thrown into any combination of unfamiliar movements, ballet is often more constructed and predictable.

The reason, therefore, why ballet can be so daunting is due to its unique ‘exposing’ ability. Audition panels often give auditionees simple ballet steps, in the hope that they will see them being executed faultlessly. Ballet can help to perfectly exemplify your technique, control, stamina and strength to the panel.

Now, for most auditionees, reaching absolute ballet perfection is near to impossible. So what should you do? The answer is found in what I’ve said above: ballet can show off your skills as a dancer. Use the ballet portion to dispense all of your skills as a poised performer, technical dancer and athlete- show off to the max!

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