Advertise Auditions for Free

The service:

-Dedicated Audition Quest blog, advertising your auditions

-Full promotion of your auditions on Instagram (using either your own advertisements/graphics or using one of our own creation)

-Embed clickable adverts onto your auditions to my mailing list, by sending them a pack of audition information/how to apply/tips and advice

Audition Quest works by advertising auditions on Instagram and on, reaching a magnitude of performing arts students. We can promote your auditions (including dates, how to apply, venue, times etc.) on the Audition Quest website and Instagram page, using either a graphic you supply, or one of our creation (please see @auditionquest Instagram page for examples).

Audition Quest also creates ‘Audition Help Blogs’ dedicated to specific auditions. This allows prospective students to gauge a real understanding of what is to be expected at such auditions, plus any relevant tips and information, increasing their desire to apply. A large number of our followers have subsequently chosen to audition for institutions after reading such blogs. These blogs are created by asking a selection of simple questions to teachers or audition panel members.

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