Things You Should Look Out For During an Audition

Remember, when you attend an audition, not only are they auditioning you, but you are also auditioning the course. There’s a few things that can tell you a lot about what a course is really like, which you should be looking out for:

HOW ARE YOU WELCOMED? First impressions really do count: how does a certain school/college make you feel when you arrive? If they’re highly friendly and supportive, then this is most probably going to be how they treat you in the actual course.

HOW ORGANISED IS THE DAY? Is the day slick, straightforward and stress-free? Or is it muddled and non-punctual? Consider how this might reflect the actual course’s organisation.

WHAT ARE THE OTHER APPLICANTS LIKE? You should choose a course because of its content, but you should also consider how happy you’ll be on the course and how well you’ll fit in. If you get on well with the people you meet on the day, chances are, you’ll settle into the course perfectly fine.

DID YOU ENJOY IT? It seems obvious but remember that colleges and universities purposely craft their audition days to represent what it’s actually like to study on the course. If you really genuinely enjoyed the day, then you’re likely to enjoy the actual course too.

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