The Brighton Academy Auditions

Star studded with years upon years of success, The Brighton Academy produces professional performers of the highest calibre. Based in one of the UK’s most artistically-exciting cities, The Brighton Academy offers a wealth of exceptional training. You’ll be exposed to loads of industry opportunities, take part in frequent showcases and receive training from some of the best teachers in the country. 
Recent graduates have gone on to perform in the West End, on cruise ships and have been involved in choreography and teaching.

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I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Stuart Dawes, Co-Principal of The Brighton Academy, regarding their audition process. Auditioning now for September 2020 entry, here’s everything you need to know about auditioning for this highly prestigious UK performing arts academy:

What does the audition day involve?

 At our audition day, everyone will join in a ballet and jazz class and perform two contrasting songs. If auditioning for the Musical Theatre Foundation, Diploma or Post Grad courses you will also perform a solo dance. If auditioning for a Performing Arts course you will perform a monologue.

How many other people do you audition with?

We have three groups (no more than 20 in each group) and they rotate from room to room.

 How are you assessed? 

TBA Principals and HOD’s (Heads Of Department) are present and each person auditioning is scored in each discipline (e.g. ballet, jazz, song, monologue)

Is there anything that needs to be prepared before the day?

Depending on the course, certain solos will need to be prepared (this could be dance, monologue, songs).

What are your buildings/facilities like?

We have:

  • 3 Campuses
  • 8 dance studios
  • 7 singing rooms
  • In house Physio 

Do  you have any tips for preparation?

Be yourself and remember everyone wants you to be good. More important than being ‘good’ is having the right attitude towards the work, we need to see that you love everything, even the things that you aren’t so good at, or find hard. We want to make the best version of you. Don’t copy anyone else and don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room

 How do you apply?

Applications need to be filled out to gain an audition and can be found on our website 

How long does it take to find out whether you have been successful? 

You hear within a week if successful, re-called or a no.

How do you accept a place? 

It’s a £500 deposit that then goes towards your fees

How do students arrange accommodation and finances?

If on one of our degree courses, then you are eligible for student finance. If not (e.g. on the Foundation Course), then it is self-funded, but we also have in house scholarship funds 

Why should prospective students choose The Brighton Academy?

  • I think mainly because we care so much about every single individual student and want them each to find their UNIQUE SELLING POINT.
  • Each student receives two private singing lessons a week, for 26 weeks of the year.
  • Two physio sessions a month
  • We have 100% agent success rate
  • We do not have anymore than 40 people on any course, so we know everyone’s name (and I’m happy to be tested on that) 🙂
  • Each 3rd year student is involved in Two 3rd year productions, an Agent Showcase in London and Two Weeks of Agent Panel Days 
  • We have 4 West End performers as Principals, who have a combined career of over 80 years 
  • We have amazing links to the industry with Patrons including Sir Matthew Bourne, Dr Stephen Mear, Bill Deamer, David Essex, Scott Alan, Pearson Casting, Carole Todd, Killian Donnelly and Mary Hammond

A massive thank you goes to Stuart Dawes, Co-Principal of The Brighton Academy, for all of his wonderful answers and support.

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