Reducing Audition Nerves: FEAR OF EMBARRASSMENT

This is a rather interesting cause of nerves, yet is still completely relevant. For some people, it might not actually be failing the audition itself that they’re anxious of, but is actually of embarrassing themselves in the process.

The idea of attending an audition whereby everyone is far better than you, or the concept of completely ‘messing up’, is certainly daunting.

Perhaps, you don’t fully ‘throw’ yourself into a tricky audition dance routine as you’re terrified that you’ll make a mistake. Or, maybe, you hide yourself away at the back of the room because you’re terrified of stepping forward. For some auditionees, they’d far rather reserve themselves and try to stay within their comfort zone, in order to avoid mistakes and embarrassment.

But, auditions are designed to expose you. One of the biggest contributing factors towards nerves is the unavoidable feeling of vulnerability. The audition panel doesn’t want to see you holding back, they want to see your full potential –regardless of whether this involves mistakes or not.

Audition panels will sometimes even purposely give you challenging material in order to expose you. They want to see not only how well you cope with challenges, but also how you move on from mistakes. They’re literally looking for you to mess up.

Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to be feared. As long as you engage yourself, stay positive and don’t allow minor mishaps to throw you, there is a far more likely chance of being successful. The more you feel at ease, the better your dancing will become – the more freer and confident your dancing will be.

Another factor to consider is whether or not to tell others that you are auditioning. If you tell people that you are going for an audition, sometimes there is an expectation for you to be successful. In the scenario that you were unsuccessful, you would then have to tell that person that you ‘failed’, which could be a large cause of embarrassment. This could add extra stress to your whole audition process and lead you to fear failure even more. Perhaps sometimes it is better not to tell a large amount of people that you are auditioning for something (unless they are involved in helping you in the audition process too, e.g. parents). 

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