Everything You Should Do Before An Audition

So you’ve sent in your audition application and have your audition date confirmed- now it’s time to freak out.

As soon as you get that email confirming where and when your audition will be, You’ll immediately panic, stressing about how little time you have. You’ll never feel like you’re never properly ready; wanting to change every little detail about yourself before the dreaded day arrives.

All of a sudden you have a deadline, an actual countdown to the audition day. Everything starts to feel that little bit more real.

You’ll lose focus on what you can do, what you can achieve, instantly concerning yourself over every little detail that could go wrong. You may spend the next few weeks over-practising, over-rehearsing, attempting to better yourself before the day. Or, you may spend them in a constant state of anxiety, unable to rehearse properly.

The problem is, you’ll never drastically improve your ability in a mere few weeks.

You’re still the same performer.

Once you start to realise this, you should begin to feel a little more relaxed. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can change between now and then. You’ll never feel completely ready for something, ever.

You have to try to imagine this: if you applied for this same audition this time next year, would you feel completely ready then?


And this is the thing, for you don’t fear your own ability, you fear the audition’s ability. If the audition is going to be difficult, there is nothing you can do to change that. But you’ll blame yourself, thinking that its a lack in your own ability that has caused this.

Keep working, keep training, but remember: you’re as ready now as you’ll ever be.

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