What Should You ACTUALLY Wear to a Dance Audition?

Sadly, auditioning successfully isn’t just about turning up and dancing well. Like with most things, there are so many other components that can affect how well you actually perform. Appearance is certainly one of them.

The human eye has a fantastic ability of being drawn to certain things, often due to instinctual associations and past experiences.

In an audition situation, you want it to be you that the audition panel is drawn to. Fortunately, there’s a whole load of science behind doing this.

So firstly, lets break down the different components behind dressing successfully at an audition:

COLOUR: Oddly, the human eye is attracted to certain colours.

Picture the colours of the rainbow, from red all the way down to blue. Now, the eye is naturally drawn to the colours right at the top of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow), whereas the eye is far less attracted to the colours at the bottom (blues and purples).

Red has a natural ability of attracting the eye as its instinctually associated with fear and danger, making the human mind take note straight away. Reds, oranges and yellows will instantly grab attention and set you aside from the rest of the auditionees in the room.

Adding to this, saturated colours can also get you noticed. A saturated colour is simply a colour which is bright and vivid – the more luminous and bright a colour is, the more it attracts the eye.

So, if you wear anything that is bright red, orange or yellow (but not too distracting), then you’ll be noticed before you’ve even started dancing. Plus, you’ll probably be the only one dressed like that in the whole room, so it’ll be so much easier for the audition panel to point you out after the audition.

CONFIDENCE: Don’t hide yourself away.

When we don’t like something about ourselves, we try to hide it. The problem is, audition panels can tell instantly if you’re trying to do this. Wearing baggy clothes, dull colours, excessive makeup or too many clothing layers register instantly in your audition panel’s minds.

The problem is, as soon as the panel suspects that you’re trying to hide, their imagination runs wild.

Covering up your legs with baggy sweatpants because you’re self-conscious of them? The panel might assume you have a knee injury.

Tying a shirt around your waist because you’re nervous of exposing your body? The panel may assume that you lack confidence.

For an audition, you have to try to let go of these insecurities and show off every single facet that you have. Auditioning is your time to perform, show off and prove why you should be accepted, not hide away behind your oversized sweatshirt.

Make sure that you feel comfortable, yet are still wearing tight-fitting, flattering clothes. Don’t wear anything that could compromise your lines, shape or could restrict movement.

MISCONCEPTIONS: What do you really look like?

So you like to wear you’re hair half-up, half-down. It makes you look good and feel confident. But, you spend the whole audition brushing hair out of your face.

How do you think this comes across?

In your mind, you look and feel good. Yes, having hair is your face is a little annoying, but you can brush it out of your face and it won’t affect you. You feel like you’re doing amazingly in the audition.

In the audition panel’s mind, you look terrified, nervously fiddling with your hair.

Misconceptions, or being read incorrectly, is probably one of the biggest audition mistakes. You need to always consider how little actions can make you come across to others, and not just how they feel and mean to you.

For example, wearing clothing that you have to fiddle with or pull down all the time can also be read as being nervous.

Always try to consider the logistics of everything you’re wearing.

SO WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR? Considering all these elements, lets explore what the perfect audition outfit is.


English National Ballet Boat Neck Leotard £18.95

It’s bright, simple and elegant – not only will this unique colour grab the panels eye’s, but will also show off your lines. You’re hiding nothing and not wearing anything too distracting.

Team the leotard with pink tights (audition panels don’t like black tights and its affects how well they can see your leg muscles) and clip your hair back neatly into a classical bun.

TIGHTS: https://www.movedancewear.com/move-dance-footed-ballet-tights-pink-p1119/

HAIR GRIPS: https://www.movedancewear.com/repetto-bun-kit-p2997/

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Alegra Shiny Raya Dance Top £17.75

This top gives you everything. With its standout colour, exposing yet flattering shape and comfortable stretch material, you can’t go wrong.

Pair it with a smart, tight fitting pair of black leggings and slick your hair back into a neat ponytail.

LEGGINGS: https://www.movedancewear.com/move-dance-molly-footless-leggings-p1736/

HAIR PRODUCTS: https://www.movedancewear.com/accessories_and_bags_dance_accessories-tendu_hair_elastics_clear/5166/

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Move Mia Loose Pants £22.50

These trousers are comfortable, smart and the perfect material for executing floor material. Their plain black colour will define your legs and lines.

Move Piera Seamless Dance Top £14.50

This is the perfect colour for grabbing attention, whilst not compromising on showcasing the shape of your arms and upper back. The design is simple and functional, hence not reducing or restricting movement.

HAIR PRODUCTS: https://www.movedancewear.com/accessories_and_bags_dance_accessories-tendu_hair_elastics_clear/5166/

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