I Will Keep Moving

I will keep moving. I will keep pushing, stretching, expanding. I will do everything in my power. I will achieve success.

I will fall down, back up, cry for days and swear I’m deplete. But I will never stop. I will keep moving.

I will never ‘achieve’ success. Success is not an object. Success is a lifestyle. Success is partnered with failure. Without failure, I will not succeed.

You would never understand the feeling of happiness without firstly feeling sadness. You never undertand the feeling of love without understanding loss.

You will never appreciate success without firstly experiencing failure. Over and over again.

The more times you fall, fail or burn out, the better your success will seem. Those who push through severe adversity and still survive to tell the tale, now, they’re the successful ones.

Life will screw you over. Tear you up, give you everything other than what you actually want. You’ll be pushed to you limit, forced to your breaking point .

But we get what we need.

Life throws you into the flames. On purpose. You fail things. On purpose.

Anything worth having you must fight for. Life won’t ever allow you to have what you want easily.

Now, there’s two possible versions of you- and you have the ability of achieving either one of them. Either you rise up, knuckle down and keep going- reaching indisputable success. Or, you do what life wants you to do. You’re broken down by hardship, beaten by adveristy and you fail. You give up.

Where do you want to be? Life is all about choices, decisions. You can blame your failure on whatever you want, but truely, you can only blame yourself. Covert blame, negative thoughts and exaustion into motivation, into control.

Be your own writer of your success and don’t let anything, anything, come between that.

I will keep moving.

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