What Does A Musical Theatre Degree Audition Usually Involve?

Degree course auditions for the biggest musical theatre degree courses (such as @birdcollegeuk @urdanglondon @performerscollege @stellamanncollege) usually involve the following: –
This is usually a typical jazz technique and/or ballet class. Some schools also require you to prepare an dance solo (usually jazz), which you will perform individually. You’ll be told about this when you apply. –
You’ll have the chance to prepare a song (usually 32 bars long) in advance, which you will then show to the audition panel. –
Just like the singing, you’ll be asked to prepare and perform a dramatic monologue in front of the audition panel. –
This is usually quite relaxed and informal and allows the audition panel to find out a little bit more about you! Usually, you’ll be asked questions about your previous training, reasons for applying and your future aspirations. This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the course.

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