Stuck in a Rut

Summer break is over, you’re back to training and you were excited. Excited about getting back into your routine, excited about improving, performing and building yourself back up again. But, it’s tough. Really tough.

This is the problem that I keep finding myself in. I yearn to be back, yet once I am, I find myself in a constant state of exaustion, fustration and loathing. Nobody likes to have to work hard for something that you’ve already achieved, we like to just jump straight back onto the bandwagon and continue exactly where we left off.

But this is impossible. Before the summer break, I was fitter than I’ve ever been – dancing through multiple shows a day and completing over 30 hours of training per week.

Now, I expected this fittness nose-dive to happen. I knew that, after a whole summer away from dance, it would be difficult settling back in again. Attempting to keep up my stamina and strength, I aimed to complete at least 7 hours of personal training a week – juggling this with work, holidays and time spend with my family and friends.

I did everything I could to avoid this September-rut from happening, yet unfortunately I was completely unsuccessful.

To look at the matter scientifically, it takes only fourteen days for your fitness levels to decline. Fourteen. Interestingly, the very first thing you loose is the gains you’ve made in the last couple of months. So, if you’ve worked super hard recently (before your break), its going to be those hard-earnt muscles that you loose the first.

But there’s no point focusing on what you didn’t do, or what you’ve lost. Your fitness has declined, your strength has decreased and you’re feeling depleted. Keep going. It’s all you can do.

You feel physically tired, your mind is a mess and all of your optimism goes straight down the drain. But you keep on going.

Exaustion is arguably the worst emotion. It can strip you of your enjoyment, happiness and comitment, throwing you down a road of denial and de-motivation.

The first few months going back to anything is intense, but your body has a fantastic ability of remembering where you left off. All you can do is push through, ease yourself back in and remain positive. Your body will remember and your mind will slowly adjust and focus. You’ll literally bounce back stronger.

Why? Because your body functions off positivity.

Accept that the next few weeks or months will be tough and just keep on going – motivated by the knowledge that improvement and enjoyment is iminent.

Work so hard that you deserve success.

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