What is The Best Way to Prepare For An Audition?

WORK ON YOUR CRAFT: Practise, practise, practise. The more hours you dedicate in rehearsal before your audition, the more it will shine through on the day. The harder you work, the more confident you will feel, so you’ll instantly have an edge from the rest of the auditionees. –

AUDITIONQUEST.CO.UK is a massive online bank of all the tips, advice and guidance you need for all major dance and musical theatre auditions in the UK. With advice from students, plus loads of information about exactly what the auditions involve, it’s a sure way to improve confidence and increase success!

RESEARCH: What are you auditioning for? What does the course involve? How old is the building? What is the choreographers/founders name? Little nuggets of information like this can really make you stand out in an audition interview, showing that you are curious and intelligent.

ASK FOR ADVICE: Do you know anyone that has auditioned for where your auditioning for? Do you have any teachers that could give you any advice? The more you know and find out about the audition, the more relaxed and confident you’ll feel.

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