What Should You Include in a Performing Arts / Dance Personal Statement?

Most dance or musical theatre courses require you to include a personal statement within your application, but what should this include? Below are a few suggestions to help you get the ball rolling…

YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS: Explain in detail any dance related achievements that you have accomplished. This could include dance exams, extra training courses, summer schools, shows, competitions etc.

REASONS FOR YOUR INTERESTS : You could talk about who inspires you and why they inspire you. Try to show how passionate you are. But don’t be too cliché!

REASONS FOR WANTING TO STUDY THE COURSES THAT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Is there a particular part of the courses that would really interest you? Why do you want to study dance at degree level? What will it help you achieve? Why would you be a suitable student on the course?

ASPIRATIONS FOR THE FUTURE: What do you see yourself doing after you leave university? How are you going to achieve this? Why do you want to peruse this particular career? How will a degree help you do this? ✨

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