After A Summer Break

There’s a new opening tomorrow. A new opportunity. There’s nothing like a new year – a fresh page- to embark further on towards your aspirations. Beginning a new academic year of dance college is the perfect excuse, the perfect catalyst, to galvanize yourself further into your training.

Sometimes, the only way to catapult yourself into working harder is time away. Time away from your passion. Personal space. I find that when I’m training, I want a break away – yet, as soon as I get that break, I’m yearning to return.

The problem is, its human nature to take something for granted. As soon as you have to do something every day, it inevitably becomes a chore. Now, this ‘chore’ may still give you enjoyment, yet nevertheless, its something that you complete because you have to. This perfectly sums up dance training. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Last year at college was incredible. I adored every minute, working to my absolute full capacity. At least this is what I thought.

Full time training is consuming, leaving you little time to reflect or analyse exactly how you’re doing, or what you have achieved. My summer break this year has allowed me to finally do this – it’s been the crucial break away that I’ve needed.

The issue is, perfectionism is my biggest downfall. I settle for perfection, nothing less. Obviously, this is problematic because I almost never (and will never) achieve absolute perfection. And I can’t accept that.

I became complacent during the holidays- I felt like I should be doing more, working harder towards fulfilling my goal. I wanted success, right now. I wanted perfection.

But now that I am returning to dance training tomorrow, I realised one thing. Actually, there’s absolutely nothing ‘chore-like’ about dance training at all. I don’t have to do it, I do it because I love it – its as simple as that. And in actual fact, perfection can be reached. My ‘perfection’ is how much I adore dance, how much I ponder upon it, work towards it and dedicate my every hour towards it.

So, enjoy absolutely every lesson and get the very most out of it that you can. Put in the hours, stay behind after class. Think about it every minute.

You’re allowed to hate a class, run home crying, swearing that you want to give up. You’re allowed ‘off-days’, where you just can’t focus and put in no effort. But don’t ever take your training and your passion for granted. Ever.

Having an ardent interest for anything is a gift – something that so many people struggle to ever find. Falling in love with anything or anyone is a pleasure and pursuing your ultimate goal is exactly the same.

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