Turning Audition Failure into Success

The one and only way of turning failure into future success, is understanding where you went wrong- and it’s a lot simpler than you may have thought.

The problem is, the audition panel watch loads of auditions. Loads. So, unsurprisingly, they can often spot an unsuccessful candidate from a mile off. If you’re auditioning for something that genuinely means a lot to you, it’s imperative that you take every possible measure to be successful – and the only way of doing this is by understanding what makes you fail. 

Usually, reasons for failure in dance auditions fall under the same brackets. You may be a culprit of one or more of these reasons, giving you even more reason for taking action right now.

You Haven’t Done Your Research-

Now, this one is completely unforgivable. Researching what you’re about to audition for is insanely simple, yet so many auditionees fail to do this. Allocate some time prior to your audition to check out relevant websites, prospectuses and any paperwork/details of the day that you have been sent. This will this prove hugely advantageous in any audition interview you may have (as you will appear knowledgeable, committed and engaged). However, it will also allow you to perhaps feel a little more relaxed and confident -you’ll be eradicating any fear of the unknown from your audition. If you research, you’ll hopefully know exactly what you’re about to audition for, crucially reducing nerves and enabling you to perform on your top game. 

Lack of Confidence-

This can be a dealbreaker. You could be the most perfect dancer on the planet, destined for undisputed success, but if you’re not confident in showcasing this, you’ll get nowhere. Audition panels love to see dancers who are happy to put themselves into the front of the audition room and throw themselves into every task. Even if you don’t feel entirely relaxed or confident, there are so many ways of making yourself appear confident (all of which are coming in a future blog, so watch this space). If you’re feeling confident, you’ll dance confident. It’s as simple as that. 

Not Wearing the Right Thing –

Honestly, this one sounds ridiculous- but it’s so important. Picture this: you’re a member of the audition panel, observing a room of dancers, all of which are dressed in black leotards. A certain dancer catches your eye, yet you have absolutely no way of identifying them to the rest of the panel after the audition. 

‘That girl in the black leotard was amazing’ 

‘Which one?’

Yet this is so easy to avoid- just wear something different. 

Now, this is simple to accomplish. If you’ve got to wear a leotard, dig out the brightest coloured one you’ve got and wear that. If you’re planning on wearing sportswear, select a bright, patterned or graphic top. The most important thing, however, is to wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in, without compromising on smartness. 

Not Being What They’re Looking For-

Sometimes you’re just not good enough. Sorry. 

This sounds blunt but it’s not as rude as it sounds. Yes, you might not be the correct standard for the particular thing that you’re auditioning for, but this doesn’t mean that you’re not an excellent dancer. 

You can section this into two parts:

-Not being physically ready for what you’re auditioning for: Perhaps you don’t have the correct level of technique, fitness, experience or flexibility. Rejection for this reason can be quite a tough blow, but try to remain optimistic. Perhaps the certain thing that you’re auditioning for is slightly above your level – you might require some extra training. Or, maybe, you are at the required level, but you just didn’t perform well on the day due to nerves. Either way, there are measures you can take to combat this. You might not be there yet, but there’s so many ways of achieving what you want.

Not being the correct ‘suit’- Don’t take this one personally. Sometimes, the audition panel are looking for a certain style, personality or ‘look’. In which case, if you get rejected based upon these terms, you really shouldn’t worry. Unfortunately, on this occasion, what you were auditioning for wasn’t the correct suit for you. Pick yourself up, move on and keep trying. 

Check back next Thursday for another audition advice blog.

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