Audition Nerves: FEAR OF JUDGEMENT

Any situation in which you present yourself is going to be nerve-wracking. This is because people don’t like feeling judged. It all links to the idea of feeling ‘vulnerable’ at an audition.

In order to clear your mind, don’t think of the panel ‘judging’ you, consider it more as them ‘assessing’ you. They’ll be looking for your positive qualities, whilst also sussing out areas that you need to work on.

But they’re not necessarily doing this in a negative way. If you’re auditioning for any type of training program or course, the panel are looking to see if their training is suitable for you. Therefore, it is important that they notice your imperfections in order to establish this – meaning that this isn’t something that you should be afraid or embarrassed of.

Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of being watched. For most people, when they see a group of dancers perform, their eye is naturally drawn to the most talented dancer there. Usually, one will ignore most other people and remain fixated on that one ‘special’ person.  Although this isn’t entirely the case for auditions (as the panel aims to view at least everyone once), the same procedure applies. Crucially, you shouldn’t be concerned about about the concept of the panel watching you – they’ll only be watching if they think you have potential. If you manage to get to this stage of panel favouritism, it won’t even matter if you make a minor mistake, as the panel already deems you as having talent.

So, essentially, you want to be watched, you want to be judged. This might be a case of drawing the panel’s eyes: elongating a movement, displaying perfect technique and appearing confident are all things that could potentially get you noticed.

What Your Fears Can Tell You

If there are specific things that you are worried about being ‘judged on’, then this can tell you a lot about yourself too.

The fear of judgement is triggered by your own insecurities- meaning that you worry that the audition panel will be judging your facets that you are most ashamed of. Therefore, you can use this to your own advantage.

After attending a few auditions, if you find that you are constantly feeling nervous about the same thing, or a particular flaw that you have, then this tells you that this is probably your biggest insecurity. Therefore, work on it! You’ll never thoroughly resolve the feeling of insecurity, but the more that you understand what you need to work on, the more confident you will feel. If this is something that you are unable to change (e.g. physical appearance), then embrace it! Use your individualism to your own advantage and channel any insecurities into creative confidence.

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