The Audition Quest: Help Guides for Success

Dance auditions are tough. Really tough.

But they don’t have to be.

As with anything, auditioning is a skill – something that can easily be worked upon and improved. It’s just about knowing how to do this, as reasons for audition failure often fall within similar patterns. By understanding the most typical reasons for audition failure, you can use this to your advantage and eventually eradicate the concept of auditioning unsuccessfully.

Now, there’s no way that you can guarantee success in every audition. Despite how much effort you put in and how much research you do, you can never be certain that you’re what the audition panel is looking for. You may be attending an audition purely for experience or are going along on a whim, both of which are fine, however you may want to consider stopping reading this right now. The following blog series explore exactly how to secure a faultless audition and successfully bag your desired role, position or course place.

Dance auditions are tough- but far easier than you may have thought.

Understanding is always key. Before you can go about improving the way you audition, it is essential that you firstly understand why auditions sometimes go wrong. For most people, these fall within the same brackets and are a mixture of how you feel and how you prepare for your audition.

At the end of the day, if you are attending an audition because you genuinely believe that you are suitable and good enough to get selected, then you probably are. Unless you are just auditioning for the sake of it, chances are that you have researched what you are auditioning for and have decided that it’s something that you are actually capable of. You may have even been advised to audition by someone (such as a dance teacher or tutor), in which case, it’s only down to your performance on the day as to whether or not you will be successful. Either way, as long as you have researched what you are auditioning for and deem it as being within your own ‘league’, you are absolutely able to be selected.

The biggest causes for audition failure often come under these umbrellas:


The following blogs break down these headings, delving in the most common audition issues and how to eliminate them.

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