Stella Mann Auditions

If you aspire to fulfil a career as a successful musical theatre performer, Stella Mann College is undoubtedly one of the best places to study. With a wealth of industry-renowned teachers and a fleet of cutting edge facilities, you certainly won’t regret applying. To find out more, please click here.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy, a current student at Stella Mann College. Amy spoke eloquently about the course and her audition process, sounding very fulfilled with her current course of study.

Amy ‘loved’ her audition at Stella Mann College. She received an instant feeling of warmth and welcoming, convincing her that Stella Mann would be the perfect place to study her course. There is a real relaxed feeling throughout the day, creating an extremely supportive atmosphere. Stella Mann College places high importance upon treating each and every auditionee as an individual – they don’t even give you an audition number, as they endeavor to learn everybody’s names.

The whole college is fully equipped and home-like. Featuring a gym, 4 dance studios, 3 common rooms, 2 singing rooms and a lecture room; you can be assured that you’ll be well catered for.

As for the audition itself, the day kicks off with an initial talk and tour of the building. This is followed by a jazz class, consisting of corner work (leaps, kicks and turns) and a jazz routine, whereby auditionees are expected to freestyle/improvise at the end. The dance portion of the audition finishes with a ballet class, including barre, centre practise and both types of allegro. The day ends of with singing, monologues and an interview with the college’s Principal.

Amy said that the level of competition was relatively high – you’ll be auditioning alongside a range of highly talented people. However, Amy commented that everyone she came across was extremely friendly- you are allowed to ask questions if you are unsure of anything during the audition.

The interview is really relaxed and mainly just a chance for you to ask questions. Amy found out within a few days that she had been successful.

Top Tips

  • Amy suggests ensuring that you are presentable – no jewellery, wear nice makeup and make sure that your hair is neat!
  • Show off your personality– Stella Mann College is interested in what you can individually bring to the table, so make sure that you are really showing off your character.
  • Have fun and show that you have a confident, bubbly personality– this is what they’re looking for!
  • Remember, if you’re not successful, Stella Mann College are happy to send you your audition feedback, giving you pointers on what to work on.

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