Laine Theatre Arts Auditions

As one of the UK’s premier schools to study Musical Theatre, Laine Theatre Arts should be on every aspiring performer’s audition bucket list. With a reputation of creating some of the industry’s most respected performers, Laine is certainly a place to consider. To find out more, please click here.

Audition Quest spoke Georgia, a third year Laine student, via social media, about her experiences of her audition.

THE AUDITION at a glance

  • INVOLVING: Dance classes (ballet and jazz ), presentation of a pre-prepared solo musical theatre song (32 bars long) and a dramatic monologue, interview with Betty Laine
  • DIFFICULTY: Advanced, but nicely challenging and supportive
  • AUDITION SEASON: Usually runs between December-April

What was the atmosphere like?

Georgia recalled how she felt a really comforting energy as soon as she arrived at Laine. She was made to feel relaxed through an initial tour of the building, allowing her to check out the facilities and gauge her surroundings. This was followed by watching a clip about what it is like to study at Laine which, in her own words, made her feel like she ‘didn’t want to study anywhere else’.

What is the building and facilities like?

As for the building itself, Georgia was extremely impressed. The whole facility is very well upkept and clean, creating a wonderful environment to study in. Students have access to both modern and more traditional facilities in the two buildings.

What did the audition involve?

The audition itself is sectioned into two parts: the Group Audition and the 1-to-1 Audition.

Group Audition

The Group Audition begins with a ballet class. Streamed by ballet grades, auditionees take part in a typical ballet class, allowing the panel to access your technique. Georgia said that although she wouldn’t consider herself to be a ‘ballet dancer’, she was still put in the highest ability group.

Following this, auditionees perform their pre-prepared acting monologue in front of the rest of the audition class and panel.

The Group Audition ends with a jazz class, beginning with stretches to allow you to showcase your flexibility. The class then includes corner combinations, including kicks, leaps, turns and travelling sequences. The auditionees were then taught two jazz routines.

1-to-1 Audition

The 1-to-1 audition involves performing in front of just one member of the audition panel. This begins with performing a jazz solo and a pre-prepared song of your own choice.

This is then followed with a chat with Betty Laine herself, whereby the aim is to find out a little more about yourself and your intentions for the future. Ultimately, they really want to hear that you are enthusiastic about musical theatre and are passionate about wanting a place on the course.

What should you wear?

Georgia suggests wearing a neat leotard for the ballet portion of the audition. For the rest of the day, she recommends wearing a colourful leotard and black tights for the jazz class, and sportswear for the acting section.

Top Tips

  • Georgia says that the panel are really looking for someone who is willing to work hard and make the most out of the course. Try and show that your are fully engaged throughout the audition and are passionate about what you are doing
  • Try to polish your pre-prepared song, monologue and jazz solo as much as possible before the audition to really impress the panel
  • Don’t get thrown off if you are asked to do a particularly difficult task , the panel is looking for characters who are open and willing to work

A massive thank you goes to Georgia for being such a wonderful contributor for this week’s audition post! Audition Quest really wants to wish her all the best in her dance studies and future career within the industry.

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