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If you have a passion for dancing, singing and acting, studying for a musical theatre degree or diploma is the perfect route to take – and Millennium Performing Arts is arguably one of the best places in the UK to make this a reality. To find out more about
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I was really lucky to have the chance to interview Ellie on Instagram – a recent alumnus student from Millennium Performing Arts.

Ellie was greeted in a warm manner by two students at Millennium Performing Arts on the day of her audition, who ‘helped with my number and what the plan for the day was’. Ellie commented on how friendly the staff were at the audition day, she was treated like a genuine prospective student rather than just an auditionee.

The day kicked off with performing both a song and a monologue to the audition panel. Ellie mentioned that this wasn’t too taxing, both the song and monologue are prepared in advanced and you only have to perform them in front of two members of staff.

This was followed by a practical dance audition, consisting of a quick ballet class followed by learning a jazz and contemporary routine. Ellie mentioned that the dance audition was rather intense, the material was taught quickly and auditionees were expected to pick it up within this short time frame. The standard of competition is quite high too, you can expect to audition alongside a class of highly talented individuals. Despite this, Ellie recalled that the whole process was very enjoyable and not overly difficult – the audition is certainly nothing to be feared!

Unlike other similar auditions, Millennium Performing Arts does not require you to take part in a formal interview. However, Ellie was asked some basic questions before her audition began, for example: Where are you from? How did you travel here today? etc.

It took Ellie just 4 days to hear back that she had been successful, however it often takes up to 2-3 weeks.

Key Points

  • Ellie said that the audition was rather long, especially when waiting around during the morning to perform her monologue and song. Its really important to remain focused and cheerful for the whole day – you are being assessed at all times!
  • The building is relatively standard, yet fully equipped and spacious. Millennium Performing Arts places more of an emphasis on providing excellent training with the best possible teachers

Top Tips

  • Millennium Performing Arts are really looking for individuals with a passion and flair for performing – although technique is always important, showing yourself off as an excellent performer is the most important factor to remember in order to be successful
  • Ellie also said that the panel are looking for individuals, so its important to just be yourself and try and show that through your performance
  • Make sure that you are constantly smiling and are being friendly to everyone throughout the audition day – Millennium Performing Arts is a very friendly place, so they are looking for people who are friendly too!

Ellie has been a wonderful contributor to this blog and we would like to thank her for taking the time to talk about her audition experience. Audition Quest would like to wish her the best of luck with her studies and future working within the industry.

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