Performers College Audition Tips

Audition lowdown.

Audition Season: November-April

Audition Day: Ballet, jazz, singing, acting, interview

Application: Complete & submit an application form through the Performers College website

Audition Outcome Response Time: 3-4 weeks

Funding: DaDa Funding and UK Student Loan

Image Credit: Performers College

Key Points

  • Students at Performers College can expect intense days, often beginning at 8am. If you are planning on auditioning, this is definitely something to keep in mind.
  • Although the audition day is relatively full-on, Mimi (a recent Performers Grad) commented that Performers College tries to make the audition day comfortable and not overly stressful. The panel really wants to see you performing at your best ability and showing off your personality.

Top Tips

  • Performers College is looking for ‘enthusiastic, hard-working and strong people, who will be able to handle the training’.
  • Mimi suggests brushing up on your technique prior to auditioning, as Performers College places high importance upon this.
  • She also talked about how important it is to ‘perform’ at all times during the audition. The panel really want to see animation in your face which translates into your dancing.
  • Appearance is important too– Mimi suggests wearing nice eye makeup (nothing too heavy though) and a red lip. Ensure your hair is neat and tidy too. Try to present yourself as if it was an audition for an actual job.


Audition Quest interviewed Mimi, a current Musical Theatre student at Performers College. Mimi seemed extremely pleased with the course and appears to be enjoying it highly. Please see below for her bio.

One of the things that was a ‘deal-breaker’ for Mimi wanting to study at Performers College was the incredibly friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome she received when auditioning. Due to helpful staff and current students being on-hand throughout the day, Mimi didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point during her audition. The student helpers were extremely effective in making everyone feel relaxed- there is definitely a clear sense that everyone wants you to do well.

Auditions take place in the Performers Building – a fully equipped performing arts venue, boasting 3 large studios, plus 6 other spaces used for additional lessons and singing classes. The college features a physiotherapy centre and common room, both of which the students have full access to. The college also has two additional buildings, one of which is the home to the foundation course, with the other featuring a state of the art gym and a library. Mimi commented that the facilities play an effective role in supporting her training and certainly help assist her progression and development as a performer.

As with most musical theatre auditions, the day involves singing, acting and a practical dance audition. The day usually runs from 8:30am – 4pm/6pm, depending on the amount of auditionees that are auditioning that day. The day kicks off with a presentation with the college’s principle, allowing you to gauge what studying at Performers College is like.

Singing and Acting

Beginning with the drama portion of the audition, auditionees are asked to prepare a short 2 minute monologue from any era, which is performed in front of the panel. Mimi was also asked to partake in an acting improvisation task with a partner, who she met on the day.

The singing section of the audition involves singing a pre-prepared musical theatre song (from any era). Auditionees then take part in aural tests, involving scales, finding the highest/lowest notes in a chord and a selection of vocal exercises. Mimi mentioned that it is really important to remember the acting and performance qualities whilst singing your chosen song. Although it’s important to show off your technical singing abilities, the college is also looking for people who are talented, charismatic performers.

Practical Dance Audition

The practical dance audition consists of both a jazz and ballet class. The jazz class involves a short warmup and a stretch, allowing the panel to assess your flexibility. This is followed by corner work and learning a routine with some improvisation which is then performed to the panel.

The ballet audition feels a lot like a usual class, involving barre work and centre work (including turns and allegro).

Throughout the dance audition, auditionees are expected to pick up material quickly, which is a skill that Mimi recommends you focus on before your audition. She suggests attending extra classes leading up to the audition day, as this will help you feel more comfortable with picking up unfamiliar material.


The day finishes with an interview. Mimi was asked a series of questions about herself and her dance background, including: How long have you been dancing? Why do you want to audition for Performers College? Where have you previously trained? The college really wants to see your personality and establish whether you’re suitable for the course. It is always a good to have an idea of what you’re going to say and to be as confident and enthusiastic during the interview as possible.

It took Mimi 3-4 weeks to find out that she had been successful.

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