Bird College Audition Tips

The audition lowdown.

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  • INVOLVING: Dance class (ballet routine, jazz and commercial routines), presentation of a pre-prepared solo musical theatre song (32 bars long) and a dramatic monologue
  • DIFFICULTY: Advanced, but nicely challenging and supportive
  • AUDITION SEASON: Usually runs between November-May

Bird College is one of the most renowned musical theatre colleges in the UK. They run a variety of courses, including a BA (hons) degree course. Bird College runs auditions every year.

On the day you are put into 2 groups (which are split by surname in alphabetical order). Group A gets to leave at 3pm, whereas the auditionees in Group B had to stay a little bit longer (until 5pm), this due to the order that you do your audition classes in.

I was in Group A, so we started off with a warm-up followed by a short ballet combination. Following this, we learnt a longer jazz and commercial routine.

After the dancing, we had to present our solo songs and acting monologues. This was done one by one, in front of the panel. Whilst waiting to perform your solo song and monologue, you get to chat to current students which was lovely.

Some auditionees are also given a physical check up, whereby a physio assesses the suitability of your physicality for this course.

I thought the current students were really nice and helpful- it was so useful to have them there. There was also a lovely atmosphere between the other auditionees and I throughout the day.

The audition was of a good standard- I didn’t find it too difficult, it felt just right. It was nice because even if you hadn’t done some of the styles before, you would still be able to join in. For example, the ballet portion of the audition would be manageable even if you weren’t so confident in ballet. However, the audition is still challenging, as some of it is taught quite fast (especially the commercial and the jazz), so it’s always important to pay attention. Depending on how well you prepare yourself in advance, will be how difficult you will find the singing and acting side of the audition.

On my particular audition day, there were roughly 25 in each group, and there were two groups (Group A and Group B). So you can expect to be at the audition alongside roughly 50 others.

Since you do all the dancing at once, and you don’t have time to change clothes in between the different dance styles, I would suggest to wear something that suits them all. Anything tight fitting and smart should be fine. Try to avoid wearing black, a lot of the other auditionees wear black, which makes it difficult for you to stand out.

You are asked to prepare a 32 bar song (musical theatre style) and a dramatic monologue. You are given details of this long before you arrive on the day.

Just be confident and believe in yourself. The audition panel won’t want to see someone who appears shy and feels bad when they make a mistake. Really show passion and try to prove to the audition panel that you know you can make it in the industry. Most importantly, and this counts for every audition you go to, don’t forget to smile. Every panel wants to see that you are happy just being there.

A massive thank you goes to Maya for her wonderful contribution to this blog!


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