Trinity Laban Auditions

If you’re passionate about contemporary dance and plan on embarking on a creative career within the dance scene, Trinity Laban is the ultimate place to study for a dance degree. With its prestigious conservatoire status, you can expect the highest level of training, based within one of the world’s leading contemporary dance facilities. For more information, please click here.

Trinity Laban offers a wealth of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, boasting lecturers with years of industry experience and a variety of top-class facilities. I had the pleasure of interviewing Abbie, a Contemporary Dance BA (hons) undergraduate at Laban, via social media.

Abbie commented on how extremely welcoming and friendly Laban was throughout her audition day. Greeted initially in a warming manner, auditionees were quickly told what to expect from the day. Laban was extremely clear and upfront about what the audition day would consist off, reducing stress for the auditionees.

Both the course itself and auditions are held within The Laban building, located in Greenwich, London. The building prides itself upon being Europe’s best equipped centre for contemporary dance, innovatively created by a pair of architects. Students have access to 12 fully equipped dance studios, 3 theatres and a range conditioning studios (which hold frequent classes and can be booked out by students). There is also a team of physiotherapists, providing support for injuries and physical development.

The audition itself lasted an entire day. Abbie took part in an hour long ballet class, followed by a contemporary technique class and creative session. The standard of material taught in the contemporary class was rather challenging – Abbie reported that it was of a quite advanced level. However, she said that some of her peers had different experiences of the difficulty of the audition classes, suggesting that it all depends on when you audition and how much previous experience you hold. Abbie stressed that you shouldn’t be ‘put off if you can’t pick something up. They aren’t looking for the perfect dancer, but someone who will improve in Laban’s environment’.

To complete the audition day, auditionees are required to take part in an informal interview. This involves chatting to one of the panel members about choreographers and
dance styles- allowing you to showcase your knowledge on today’s contemporary dance industry. This is very relaxed and friendly, plus Laban lets you know some of the topics that you will be asked about before your audition day – allowing you to begin to prepare what you’d like to talk about. Laban’s CAT Scheme features a similar interview process, please click here to find out more information about auditioning for Laban’s CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) Scheme.

It took Abbie 2-3 weeks to find out that she had been successful.

Top Tips

  • One of the biggest things that Abbie recommends is to attend as many ballet and contemporary technique classes as possible before you audition. This will allow you to show off your technical abilities and show the panel that you are suitable for professional-level training.
  • Try to research a selection of choreographers to talk about during your interview. Laban are really looking for knowledgeable auditionees who express an interest within contemporary dance.
  • Abbie also recommends being as confident as possible during the audition. It really doesn’t matter if you go wrong or make a mistake, the panel are looking for people with the right attitude that are suitable for training.

Abbie has been a wonderful contributor to this blog and we would like to thank her for taking the time to talk about her audition experience. Audition Quest would like to wish her the best of luck with her studies and future working within the industry.

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