Urdang Academy Audition Tips

If you have a passion for dancing, singing and acting, studying for a musical theatre degree is the perfect route to take – and Urdang is arguably one of the best places in the UK to make this a reality. To find out more about the academy, please click here.

Audition Quest interviewed Elise, who recently auditioned for Urdang Academy this year.

THE AUDITION at a glance

  • INVOLVING: Jazz and Ballet dance class, short interview, presentation of a pre-prepared solo musical theatre song (32 bars long) and a dramatic monologue
  • DIFFICULTY: Advanced, but nicely challenging and supportive
  • AUDITION SEASON: Usually runs between November-May
  • OUTCOME RESPONSE TIME: Roughly 1 week, at which point you will be told if you have been successful, unsuccessful or have been invited to a recall audition

What did the audition day involve?

The initial audition day ran from about 8:45-16:30 for me, although depending on which group you were in, auditionees finished anywhere between 14:00 and 19:00.

The audition day consisted of a ballet class, a jazz class, a short interview, and then we were asked to perform our chosen solo song and monologue to the audition panel.

What was the atmosphere like?

The audition day was slightly stressful due to the amount of people auditioning and there was some waiting around between auditions. That being said, it was a very enjoyable day and there were always people who could help if it was needed or answer questions.

How difficult was the audition day?

I found that the audition day was of a good standard, which was made even better by the fact that you’re asked to prepare your song and monologue in advance. I would say that the dance classes were physically demanding, however they were really fun and I didn’t struggle to pick up any choreography.

How many different auditionees were there on the day and how many did they say they would take?

I would say there were roughly 90 auditionees on the day, who were split into four groups. I believe that Urdang’s intake for the degree course is around 100 people.

What would you suggest you should wear?

When you apply to audition you receive information on what to wear, but I would suggest a classical black leotard for ballet, a colourful leotard for jazz and a more formal outfit for singing and acting (I wore a short dress, others were in smart trousers and a nice top). They also like you to wear bright red lipstick throughout the day!

What are you asked to prepare in advance?

I was asked to prepare two contrasting songs (preferably one musical theatre and one contemporary) and any monologue of my choice.

What are you best audition tips and advice for Urdang Academy?

I would say don’t hold back and really go for it! I found that, especially in dance, a lot of people were of a high standard, so the best way to stand out was to focus on performing with my face as well as getting the choreography right.

A massive thank you goes to Elise for her wonderful contribution to this blog!


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