Middlesex University Dance Auditions

For today’s audition insight, I had the pleasure of talking to Emily, a first year BA (hons) Dance Degree student at Middlesex University. Middlesex offers a dynamic Dance Degree course, equipping its students with the vital skills they need in to carve out successful careers within the industry. To find out more about Middlesex’s dance degree or to order a prospectus, please click here.

Emily appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed Middlesex’s audition process and spoke very highly of the course. Speaking about the audition, she commented on how professional the whole experience was. Upon being welcomed to the audition, the staff were very friendly, yet efficient and forward. There was a sense of friendliness and support, yet certainly a feel of professionalism from the moment she arrived. However, Emily relayed that the audition wasn’t ‘overly nerve wracking’.

In total, the whole audition process lasted 5 hours. This firstly included a thorough campus tour, allowing the auditionees to gauge the surroundings and facilities that could potentially become available to them. Auditionees were also invited to a general talk, giving them an insight into the course.

The audition itself is rather short – it’s only an hour long in total. However, it still includes a variety of tasks. Emily took part in centre work, corner work and was taught a choreographed sequence. This all took place in The Grove Theatre – a fully equipped onsite theatre.

In terms of facilities, alongside The Grove theatre, Middlesex offers a range of large, clean studio spaces.

Following the practical audition, auditionees are split into groups of six to eight and are interviewed. The interviews are relatively relaxed to avoid formality, in order to showcase your individual personalities. A member of the faculty will ask each auditionee a series of questions, and will encourage discussion between you.

Emily found out the next day that she had been successful – an extremely quick response!

Key Points

  • Like most Dance Degrees, Middlesex specialises in contemporary dance. Therefore, you should ensure that this is a style that you are willing to study at an advanced level, and are prepared for this in the audition
  • A benefit of studying dance at a University (rather than a conservatoire) is that there is a large emphasis on theoretical dance studies, as well as practical dancing
  • Middlesex is a wonderful location to study dance, with close links to London, it is the perfect place to start your career in dance

Top Tips

  • Emily said that Middlesex really focuses on
    students having excellent studio etiquette. This means being neat, tidy and behaving well at all times in lessons.
  • Therefore, this is definitely something that you should keep in mind whist auditioning. Ensure that your hair is tied back neatly, jewellery is removed and that your makeup is ‘simple and elegant’.
  • It is also really important that you wear a brightly coloured leotard or hair accessory, as this could help the panel differentiate you from the other candidates, crucially getting you noticed.
  • In terms of behaviour, Emily said to be ‘polite and responsive to new material given and have a positive attitude even if things go wrong’

A massive thank you goes to Emily for being such a wonderful contributor for this week’s audition post! Audition Quest really wants to wish her all the best in her dance studies and future career within the industry.

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