Roehampton University Dance Auditions

Dubbed at the top university in the UK for Dance Research, it is little wonder that 92% of students find themselves in employment or further study six months after graduation. Roehampton offers a four year BFA Dance course, an acclaimed BA (hons) Dance course plus numerous MA courses. For more information, please click here.

Welcomed initially to the Grove House, auditionees are made to feel comfortable as soon as they arrive. There is certainly a relaxed and warming feel, with numerous current dance students around to answer any queries that prospective students may have. There is then an opportunity to watch a dance performance, prior to your audition workshop.

Roehampton has some fantastic facilities, including two spacious studios, alongside two smaller studios. These studios are available to be booked out by students, giving you the opportunity to independently work on technical development. There is also a theatre on-site, allowing students to showcase their work on a professional platform.

As for the audition itself, despite it being rather demanding, it is extremely enjoyable and varied. Auditionees will take part in a contemporary-style audition, often consisting of a release based class. This is said to be rather difficult, yet manageable and positively challenging. To end the audition, there is an improvisation task, whereby auditionees are encouraged to ‘let go’ and explore and showcase creative qualities.

To finish the audition process, there is a group interview. You can expect to be asked a series of questions, relating to your interests in dance and studying at Roehampton. However, again, this is relaxed and friendly, so isn’t anything to be worried about.

Results of auditions are usually released within a week.

Key Points

  • Situated on the outskirts of London, Roehampton is a very exciting place to live. There are hundreds of professional opportunities on your doorstep, meaning that transitioning into the industry is more seamless.
  • The BFA course includes a year of work placement, either in London or further afield. This is a perfect opportunity to kick-start your career and provide insight into life as a dance practitioner.

Top Tips

  • Roehampton is renowned as being one of the top universities in the UK for research and therefore this is certainly something to consider before you apply and audition. Try to express your interests in not only the practical side of dance, but also the theoretical in your personal statement and interview. This will show the panel that you are fully engaged in both elements of the course and have fully understood what you will be studying
  • Improvisation is one of the components of this audition – but this shouldn’t be feared. People often feel insecure whist improvising as it is something that fully exposes you as a dancer. The best way to be successful during improvisation is to just let go and fully explore movement. Try to forget everyone else in the room and purely focus on yourself, the music and the task. Everyone else auditioning is in the same position, so don’t worry about getting ‘judged’.

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